The Pro Hygiene Collection™

Specially-designed hygiene and sanitizing products for the makeup and beauty industry, available for pre-order now.

12 different mascara wands

12 high quality disposable mascara wands

Are you a "safe beauty" bridal MUA?

Are you a safe beauty bridal pro? See our new special bridal & hygiene kits..

Order your college & student kits

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Pro makeup artist brush tidy

Perfect for dirty pro brushes (and clean ones)

Think green with eco disposables

Eco-friendly disposble mascara wand and makeup brushes - little gems for green godesses

Hygiene essentials - no double dipping

Fantastic for the modern makeup artist ...efficient reliable service & at a great price

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Featuring a pro brush cleaner, hand sanitizer and a magic spray that kills germs on makeup.  Click here to buy.


Comprehensive policies for professional and products liability, kit, travel, etc.  Click here for more info and & to buy online.


The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the first complete range of specially-designed hygiene and sanitizing products for the makeup and beauty industry and comprises three absolute "must-haves" for every makeup artist, makeup brand as well as educators and schools/colleges.

makeup_antibac_thumb_webMakeup Antibacterial Spray (240 ml / 8 fl oz) RRP £15.00
Use daily as part of a hygienic work practice to safely sanitize makeup and help reduce the growth of bacteria that can lead to infection.  Suitable for pressed and loose powders, creams, gels, pigments, lipsticks, pencils and tools. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and Candida albicans within 60 seconds. 


brush_cleaner_thumb_webMakeup Brush Cleaner (240 ml / 8 fl oz) RRP9.00
Cleans professional makeup brushes by removing product residue, oil and pigments and helping reduce bacteria build up while remaining safe for use on natural and synthetic brushes. Contains mild solvents. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and Candida albicans within 60 seconds.


hand_sanitizer_thumb_webHand Sanitizing Gel (240 ml / 8 fl oz) RRP6.50
Safely and effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds and cleans and refreshing hands without the need for soap, water or rinsing.
The Pro Hygiene Collection® has been independently laboratory tested and conforms to BS EN1276: 2009, proven to kill  99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds of use.

To buy online click here.
We offer by case pricing for wholessale for resale and for use in studio, on counter, in the salon. For wholesale and bulk orders call 020 31782960 or email [email protected]

We know it can be expensive building a kit from scratch, so these kits provide you with the abosolute esssential tools and accessories including single use and disposable brushes (an absolute must have) as well as great educational tools such as the colour wheel.... hand held mirror, makeover capes, tweezers, latex free sponges, mixing palette, spatulas.





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